701-483-7665 (POOL)

KMDC Pool and Dart Meeting

DC Grub and Pub
Wednesday September 4 2019 6:30 PM

Anyone wanting to get information or joining leagues in the Grassy Butte, Killdeer, Manning, Dunn Center or Haillday, should come to this meeting the pool meeting will began at 6:30 pm and the dart meeting will follow at 7:00 pm. 

Tuesday Pool:  4 person teamThis league is a non -handicapped league, played with a four person team, with a sixteen game format, all 8-ball. This league is a traveling league between Grassy Butte , Killdeer, manning, Halliday and Dunn Center. League night is Tuesday starting at 7:30 pm. Leagues start in October - February. (Based on number of teams signed up.) DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS SEPTEMBER 20TH BY NOON

Wednesday Darts: 4 person teamThis is a traveling league between Grassy Butte, Killdeer, Manning, Halliday and Dunn Center. This is a league where players will play cricket as well as 01 games every night. Teams will be made up of four players, and will be using a reversed handicapping system to level the scores based on player’s averages. Season runs from end of September – March (Based on number of teams signed up.)  DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS SEPTEMBER 13TH BY NOON 

Friday Darts: remote dart league, 2 person team, home every week

This is the perfect league for everyone; this remote league means no traveling. Team format is doubles with a minimum of one female playing per night. Teams remote into other locations across southwestern North Dakota. Players will play team cricket, team 01 as well as individual 01 games. Start time is Friday nights at 7:00 m/t “ Date Night Darts”  teams must have minimum one female playing per night. Only one team per piece of equipment. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS OCTOBER 4TH BY NOON