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Badlands Music Office
Friday January 10 2020 12:00 PM

N.D.T.A. Singles and Doubles Dart Registration Form January 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 2020 at Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge in Dickinson, ND

Players must have played 5 nights on one team by January 11th to be eligible for the NDTA State Tournament. Deadline is NOON on January 10th, 2020. Late entries will be charged $20 per event if we are able to get you in.  All fees must be paid by deadline to be entered into the tournament.


For Singles and Doubles events, your PPD/MPR may place you in one of these divisions based on the entries from the entire Sate. We will not know what divisions will be until January 22nd.

Open Singles/Doubles Masters:  501 Masters/Cricket Combo. Top 30-32 players

Open Singles/Doubles A: 301 Masters/Cricket Combo.  Next 30-32 players

Open Singles/Doubles B: 301/Cricket Combo.  Next 30-32 players


Circle each event (one per day) you are signing up for:

Thursday, January 23rd Singles 01 or Cricket 5:00pm MT

 Name:______________________________ PPD/MPR____________

Singles 01/Cricket  $20.00 entry fee + $13 green fee = $33.00/player—CIRCLE ONE EVENT

 Open Singles 301            Cricket                  Women’s Singles 301

Friday, January 24th Mixed Doubles 301 2:00pm MT (NO MIXED CRICKET)

Name _____________________________ PPD/MPR__________

Name _____________________________ PPD/MPR__________

Mixed Doubles 301 $40.00 entry fee + $26.00 green fee = $66.00/Team

Mixed A Division will be 301/Cricket Combo.


Saturday, January 25th Open and Women’s Doubles 8:00am MT

Name _____________________________Game PPD/MPR__________

Name _____________________________Game PPD/MPR__________

Open Doubles and Women’s Doubles $40.00 entry fee + $26.00 green fee = $66.00/Team – CIRCLE ONE EVENT

Open Doubles 301                           Open Doubles Cricket                   Women’s Doubles 301

Mixed Triples and Pro-Am Doubles sign up will be on site only.

Mixed Triples entry fee is $30/Team + $15 green fee = $45/Team

Pro-Am open doubles entry fee is $40/Team + $10 green fee = $50/Team

(Amateur players PPD must be under 25PPD)